Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Job Ad

I saw this job ad on Bayt

Professional Chef

Al Zabin Family

Job Description

A well-qualified and trained chef is required in one of the high profiled families of Kuwait.
As per the norms , the chef will be responsible for managing the concerned duties. In addition to that, he /she should be willing to prepare and organize catering for in house parties or celebrations. The private chef should have experience in working with the household environment as well as a professional chef.

Job Description
- Responsible for Menu planning and preparing meals
- Must take into consideration all the family member's dietary habits and requirements.
- Oversees the service, presentation of meals and social events
- In charge of everything related to kitchen such as organization , hygiene , shopping for supplies and etc
- Must be knowledgeable in preparing all kinds of cuisines.
- May have to cook different meals for each member of the family.

The number of working hours and leave days will be mentioned during the interview. Also, the salary will be decided based on the qualification and experience. Accommodation and basic necessities will be provided. The candidate is required to carry a complete portfolio of his/her identification details, qualifications and work experience.



------This must be one of the fanciest detailed description for a chef I've ever seen here. This one definitely beats out the 'Asian cook' want ads in Waseet.

"May have to cook different meals for each member of the family' *eye roll*

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