Friday, July 24, 2015

Project Free TV shuts Down

I've been using this site to watch shows from the states for a few years now. A couple of days ago I was watching with no problems, my last show watched was American Pickers and when I went to watch last night it brought up a blank page saying 'goodbye' and that was it. I figured it was something to do with the internet carrier in Kuwait but as I did some research my worst fear has happened. Sadly, the site just shut down with no warning. That's it, no more, no alternatives just

I know of other sites but none that have a daily list of shows as sometimes I forget what I'm watching.

Just one word....WHY???????????


  1. use

  2. wonderfull site..just need to install a adblock

  3. eztv has a nice feature where you can add the shows you watch in a list which updates. You need to sign up for free of course and download via torrent.
    Kickass torrents has a similar feature

    I download all the tv shows, documents, etc from these sites mainly.

    Hope it helps.


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