Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Visit visa reduced to 30 Days

Visit Visa Validity A Month As Of Issue

KUWAIT: The Ministry of Interior’s department of public relations and media security yesterday announced that the residency (Iqama) directorate decided to limit the validity of visit visas to one month. The new rule takes effect as of today (July 14).

According to the new rule, the visit visa will be cancelled if the person fails to enter the country within a month of issue as against the previous rule of three-month period. Similarly, duration of the stay of the visitor has also been restricted to one month in the new rule. However, children and wives of applicants may be granted a three-month visit visa.

---I wonder what all of the companies will do now? When I worked on Arifjan the company would bring employees on visit visas and keep them on it until the sponsor company was able to get them residency. Good news for the employees, every month they will get a paid vacation!


  1. I came in on a visit visa June 1st. It states that it's good until September 1st. Is this still accurate? (I do understand that when i come back in September it will only be good for one month). Also, do you know of anyone who can help obtain a visa quickly? (american expat)

  2. Any visas issued before July 14 are valid for 3 months. What do you mean by obtaining one quickly? Are you here on your own or with a company? The only way to get a visa is in the airport (standard procedure for all)


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