Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Alien Heads

I found the funniest group on facebook called "Alien Heads, You're not sexy, You look like you came from Mars". Once I joined this group I couldn't help laughing at the pics they had. Now we all know what Alien Heads are right? Those are the girls who have a huuuuge head covered by hijab. I know what they put under it, I saw one chick take off her hijab in the bathroom at the mall and there it was, the biggest flower hair clip I've ever seen.

I've also heard that they put tin cans and yogurt cups underneath it too. Some teenage girls got arrested for fighting and and the police officer was telling the story about her hair. Her hijab had come loose and he saw a tin can under her hijab. I was in Pensacola, Florida last summer and my daughter told me she saw a Kuwaiti girl wearing the alien hijab in Ross Department Store. Wow! Even in a little redneck town they have aliens. To each his own so I'm not knocking the trend, it's not for me or anyone I know but Hey! every person has their own idea of fashion.

I just wish someone could explain to me how it would make anyone look prettier by having a huge head?

The alien diva from fifth element. Uncanny resemblance?

Arabic article, not sure what it says but I'm sure it's funny.

Madam Mona Lisa alien style.

Everyone who has facebook has got to check out the group. It will give you a laugh!


  1. I really don't see what so elegent about this trend is, it's down right ugly.

    I know that banks are very serious about this trend, and they're pushing aggressively against it in branches.

  2. Cool, Abdullah, its about time someone in Kuwait stood up and said if they can just get the Kuwaiti chicks to dress Islamically we might all still have a chance..

  3. Islamic or not, common sense should be used before adopting a new trend

  4. I know!!! This isn't Islamic! Its ridiculous and flamboyant! Looks like a buoy attached to their head helping them float! Its a disaster! They think it looks good! This is why we need tabloid magazines to tell them what NOT to wear! This trend is insane here! They honestly like it, but if you have enough magazines telling you its ugly then they would stop wearing it! Damn I hate that look!

  5. It's to make it appear that you have ridiculously long hair, hence the mega-bun. When you reason that hair is supposedly just sooo damn sexy and that to see it is taboo and sexual and just creates lust, then it stands to reason that long, long, long, thick hair would just be gorgeous. Consider it a pushup bra for the more conservative set... ;b


  6. Ok if that's true about it being a kind of enhancement for hair I guess guys will be disappointed when the hijab comes off and the girl is almost bald with an enormous flower clip or yougurt cup falling out.


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