Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Asian maid arrested for stealing food

Asian maid arrested for stealing food:

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 15: Asian housemaid was arrested recently in Qurain for stealing food from her sponsor’s house and giving it to her friend who is living under harsh conditions.

Reportedly, a Kuwaiti woman lodged a complaint at the police station in Qurain against her housemaid, accusing her of stealing food and kitchen utensils from her house.

Securitymen arrested her and during interrogations, she revealed that she stole the food to give to one of her female friends who is extremely poor and deprived of good living conditions.

She was referred to the concerned authorities for necessary legal action against her.

That's pathetic and her "sponsor" should be ashamed.


  1. Well it seems that the maid meant well... but stealing is stealing. Maybe an alternative lighter punishment should have been chosen by the sponsor.
    I guess this all boils down to whether you believe that "the end justifies the means"

  2. "Stealing from your Kuwaity Madam will unleash her wrath" this should be taught as one of the facts of life. I wonder if it ever occurred to the maid to ask first.

  3. This absolutely disgusts me. The lack of education - not even that - the lack of human emotion, the level of the 'madam's ego and the way she perceives herself is simply sickening. A human being is being kept at inhumane conditions where food is being stolen so she can live. Where is her soul?

  4. We never know the entire story so why would it make sense to judge in such a subjective manner?


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