Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Smashburger Grand Opening- Abu Halaifa

Smashburger held a blogger invite only on December 24 for their newest restaurant located in Abu Halaifa next to Ali/Ghalia Towers. It's a cute cozy location and the food was really good! We tried the BBQ bacon burger and buffalo chicken sandwich. The item I loved the most was the sweet potato french fries, amazing! I never had them before and now they are my favorite item and I encourage all restaurants to have them on their menus. We had fried pickles, fried peppers, cheese fries, dips, butterfinger milkshake and a strawberry milkshake all were fantastic.

We met Khaled the franchise owner and Jillian his PR rep who were both great people and very hospitable. We even go a couple orders to go for my kids and boy were they happy when I got home. 

I've been to their location in Mishref, my hubby took me there to try it and I didn't enjoy it. It was very very crowded and a little chaotic. The food was so-so and I didn't think I would visit them again until Jillian sent the invite and I thought I would give it another chance during an event where there wouldn't be so many people. I'm glad I went as the food was way better than Mishref and I had a really good time.

Thanks Jillian for the invite, my mom really likes you! They are now open for business in Abu Halaifa.

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