Sunday, December 16, 2012

Children of GCC students left behind finally coming into the Light

When love goes wrong: Saudi children left behind in the U.S. - Your Middle East:

 A boy in a shemagh and agaal – a traditional dress in the Arabian Peninsula – smiling into the camera lens. The nice picture belies the true meaning of this US based blog called Saudi Children Left Behind, which tries to reunite the abandoned offspring of Saudi men by American women.

“We tried everything before I decided to create Saudi Children Left Behind; some of us tried to get a resolution between our ex's families and us but they just ignored us, or gave us false promises,” said the founder Jenniffer Crystal.

She had a very personal reason for launching the site, which is specifically for anyone who has had a child by a Saudi visiting student, or is a child thereof.

“Saudi Children Left behind was created over a year ago by myself, during a difficult time in my life. I have a child with a Saudi man who was on a student visa,” she said. “In the small town I live in there were several other women in the same situation I was in and I wondered if the problem was so large where I lived, maybe there were more women out there who I could benefit from having a site like this.”

Indeed, Saudi Arabia is not a country that is easy to deal with in terms of seeking alimony or support for unwed, foreign mothers of Saudi fathered children.

She was also interviewed by Al Jazeera and some Saudi newspapers. (Saudi Gazette Article), (Facebook)
There has also been an announcement by the Saudi embassy in the U.S. stating all Saudi students there must take a DNA test if accused of fathering a child in order to keep their scholarships. Sounds good but will they really do that or just run back to KSA?

There are also two new websites still in their infancy:
Qatari children left behind
Kuwaiti children left behind
Saudi children left behind

The women are not doing this so they can "marry" the father of their children as parents of these students think. Obviously they already found out what losers they are, they just want rights for their children and to try and stop this by bringing awareness. If a man does not want children then he should protect himself!

Every GCC country should follow in the footsteps of the UAE. This country is actually taking the first steps in identifying the children left behind and granting them citizenship. I love the rulers of UAE! (post link)


  1. what about a website titled "American children left behind in the Philipines, Korea, Japan, Germany, Panama....." Betcha won't post this as you are so much in support of the American military.....

  2. Why would I care about American children left behind in those countries? I'm not an American man who fertilized a bunch of Asian, European, South American eggs. Does my sight look like I'm a cheerleader for the US military? I think you got your fools mixed up, and if you're so angry about those American children in THOSE countries make your own freaking blog ya moron!

  3. *site, not sight. I hate spelling errors.


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