Monday, December 10, 2012

Police can't keep up

This story appeared in Kuwait Times. It shows us that the police are good at riding around giving out tickets but when it comes to physically chasing a fugitive they can't keep up even when the fugitive just got hit by a car and was bleeding.

 Fugitive disappears

 A pedestrian who was hit by a car and knocked down with a head injury regained consciousness and fled from the scene while still bleeding all over after he noticed the police officers on the spot. The accident happened late Saturday night. Paramedics and police rushed to a street in Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh where the accident was reported. The 30- year-old Indian man was knocked down but regained consciousness soon after the medics arrived. As soon as he saw police officers, he ran away while bleeding heavily from the head wound and managed to disappear. However, though the police failed to catch up with him, the man left his ID papers behind. Police later found that he was wanted for felony charges. Now, a search is on for him. Meanwhile, police apprehended the Arab driver who had hit him for legal procedures.

Now we know anyone can probably outrun the po-pos in Kuwait.


  1. i really love your blog. I don't comment alot because you don't have a follow me widget added to your sidebar so I haven't been able to follow.

    I have encountered a billion Saudi blogs but only a couple on Kuwait. Keep it up!

  2. Great! I love your blog as well. I would like to visit Oman again as I did once by car from Dubai to the first city after the border OMG it was beautiful. I have my Omani wedding attire as well but that didn't work out so I have a couple beautiful Omani outfits to keep.

  3. haha nice... i'm american married saudi living in US.. pleased to meet u

  4. Hello Um Jafr nice to meet you as well....


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