Tuesday, December 18, 2012

New Speed Cameras

Watch out guys now they are about to launch the smart cameras!

KUWAIT: The newly installed speed cameras will be operational soon. Currently the newly-installed speed-sensor cameras on the First Ring Road are operational, said Colonel Adel Al-Hashash, Director of PR and Media at the Ministry of Interior, who added that all the new cameras across Kuwait will be operational as soon as all the cameras are installed. “Currently, the only camera with a capability to measure point-to-point speed is the one on the First Ring Road. It was the first to be installed as a test case to study its efficiency,” he told the Kuwait Times yesterday.

The Ministry of Interior earlier announced that the new smart cameras will check the practice adopted by speeding drivers who had learnt how to fool the cameras by decreasing their speed when passing in front of the camera and then accelerating again. Since most drivers knew in advance the location of the cameras, these had lost all purpose.

With the new system, one camera will scan the passing cars at a certain point while another installed some distance away will scan the traffic once again. Since a car following a speed limit must take a minimum time to cover the distance, any vehicle caught outside this time zone would obviously be considered guilty of having crossed the speed limit at some point over the stretch, and will be liable for penal action. A number of new speed-sensing cameras have come up along various roads and highways to help check over-speeding, but unlike the earlier cameras that measured speed at one given point, the new gizmos are equipped to calculate the average speed of the vehicle between two given points. Since cameras are placed quite close to each other, the vehicle’s speed between the two points can be measured. (link)

I really hate when you slow down for a camera and some clown is so close to your bumper you can feel the heat from his engine!

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