Monday, December 17, 2012

Meaning of "Arifjan" in Kuwaiti dialect

      I always wondered where they got the name Camp Arifjan and thanks to 7achy Kuwaiti  website I found out what "Arifjan" means.

    • Arifjan is a desert area within Al-Ahmadi Governorate, Arifjan is short form of Arfaj where area was named after Arfaj plant "Rhanterium Epapposum" which was commonly found in the area.
    I think 7achy Kuwaiti website is great for preserving the old Kuwaiti words and I will be visiting it more often!


    1. uMWaah ;**
      Just let me know if you have a specific word in mind where you want me to look up it's origin and meaning .. and btw i'm on instagram trying to build up pictionary :D


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