Monday, December 31, 2012

Homeless Kuwaiti Citizen

Here's a different kind of story for everyone. For all of those people who think all Kuwaiti citizens are rich and have an oil well in their backyard should have a different opinion after reading the story below. Not everyone drives a Porsche and carries a Louis Vuitton purse, most struggle to make a car payment or buy things they need for their families.
Top Left - The son and daughter, bottom left Abu Ghazi’s wife. Reporters talking to Abu Ghazi
Kuwaiti living in Salmiya garden Lankan wife, kids in home country
KUWAIT CITY, Dec 29: A 67-year-old Kuwaiti man, nicknamed Abu-Ghazi, is homeless and lives in the open at Al-Khattabi gardens in Salmiya, reports Al-Rai daily.

Abu Ghazi narrated part of his story and sufferings to Al-Rai daily and said he led a good life before the Iraqi invasion when he was trading in vegetables and fruits and had a good house in Rumaithiya.

He married a Sri Lankan woman in 1986 and has a 20-year old daughter named Lulua, and a son named Ghazi who is also 17 years old.

Abu Ghazi said he experienced financial troubles and sold the house to help his wife procure a house in her home country five years ago. He has been living in the garden in the heat of summer and winter cold, stressing his five sisters and four brothers turned their backs on him.

Abu Ghazi said he is suffering from asthma, hypertension, stomachache and fractures in his feet due to traffic accident. He noted a charity organization gives him KD 17 every six months and he lives on donations from people. He also said his son and daughter live with their mother in Sri Lanka. Arab Times Link

As long as no one sees the problems they don't exist but once they are brought into the light everyone scrambles to help out. Where was everyone before when he needed help?

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