Tuesday, December 25, 2012

"Conditions" for foreign wives of Kuwaitis

Enezi slams ‘conditions’ for citizens’ foreign wives

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 21: A group of MPs have presented several demands related to key issues, reports Al-Kuwaitiya.

MP Dr Abdul Hamed Dashti proposed a committee to investigate violations detected in the Jaber Bridge Project and another parliamentary demand to re-open investigations to Al-Zour power Station Project and all other suspicious tenders, indicating those tenders are suspected to be linked to the crisis provokers battling against the current National Assembly.

Meanwhile, MP Nawaf Al-Fazeh has issued a report related to violations committed by the banks on the loans issue. He stated the common error committed by the banks involve the period of installment.
Also, MP Saad Al-Bous proposed that Civil Service Commission (CSC) must register all the recruitment demands of citizens, without setting conditions such as qualifications or marital status.

Former lawmaker Ahmad Al-Sa’adoun also said the need to appoint an international commissioner to investigate the excesses of the government in the latest rallies, while former MP Khaled Al-Sultan warned of attempts to seize public funds by initiating projects valued at billions.

Meanwhile, MP Askar Al-Enezi has criticized the interior minister for his decision to issue a set of conditions for foreign wives of Kuwaitis before they obtain the Kuwaiti citizenship, reports Al-Seyassah daily quoting reliable sources.

He said if such a decision is issued many couples will face problems and their families will be affected. It will also lead to economic and social instability.

He mentioned he will put this issue on the list of his priorities for discussion with the National Assembly’s Interior and the Defense Committees so that a specific mechanism can be chalked out to solve the matter.

He said if foreign wives of Kuwaitis are granted the citizenship it will reduce the burden on many Kuwaitis particularly since most of them are citizens of other GCC states or bedoun.
Moreover, he said the decision will not affect the social fabric and expressed hope a quick solution will be found to the problem because “the delay in solving the problem will not serve the interests of either party.”

Set of conditions? Really?

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