Sunday, April 28, 2013

Compulsory military service for Kuwaitis on the table

No more fu-fu hairstyles, gel and tight fitting girlfriend jeans....

KUWAIT CITY, April 27: The Interior and Defense Affairs Committee at the Parliament will discuss a draft bill on the compulsory military service on Monday, reports Al-Rai daily quoting Committee Chairman MP Askar Al-Enzi.

Al-Enzi revealed the government presented the proposal based on a similar suggestion presented in 2008 to obligate all Kuwaiti men, from 18 to 35 years old, to render military service. He said the bill includes a stipulation allowing Kuwaiti women, from 18 to 30 years old, to perform national duties as permitted by the nature of their gender.

According to the lawmaker, the compulsory military service includes training in one of the Kuwait Army units. He explained the compulsory service for graduates will be nine months and one year for non-graduates. He added the students who joined training courses affiliated to the Army, Interior Ministry, National Guard and Firefighting Department or volunteers in these institutions, those who are not physically-fit, the only son in a family, and the elder son or brother of martyrs are exempted from the compulsory service.

Al-Enzi disclosed the service may be postponed for one year if the applicant is the only guardian of his elderly parents or if the father is handicapped, if he is the only guardian of his elderly mother if she is divorced or a widow, if his wife is dead and he has children below the legal age, students in the secondary stage provided they have not reached 18, and university students who have not reached 28.

It's hard to imagine spoiled Kuwaiti guys serving in the military although it was required of all youth when my husband was younger. I think it's a great idea!

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