Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Radar Trap on Fifth Ring Road

When I volunteer on Saturdays I usually take the 30 highway to fifth ring to get to Rumaithiya and I knew the police were stopping people there in the early hours of the morning. I didn't realize they had switched to radar cameras until it was too late and I got pulled over along with 20 + other people. Since that day I haven't taken that route again until last weekend. I knew I must drop down to 80 km right after I get onto fifth ring so I was going slower than most people heading that way and then I saw him, barely a shadow of a policeman hiding behind one of the posts on the first bridge pointing his radar gun right at us!

I was under 80 km but the van who passed me up was going much faster and as he approached the crowd the police officer motioned him to pull over along with the other 20 + people. This was around 8 am so anyone who takes that route this is a warning for you. They are making some serious cash off people!

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