Friday, April 5, 2013

Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute

I've had readers ask about Mental Health in Kuwait, recently I recommended a reader to Fawzia Sultan Rehabilitation Institute after doing some research about Mental Health providers in Kuwait. I had a hard time finding some one who spoke English clearly and understood Western ways of life. Recently I received feedback from the reader who is currently attending sessions with FSRI and she has given positive feedback about the clinic.

FSRI offers many services from physiotherapy to speech therapy as well as occupational therapy and psychological services. The clinic is located in Salmiya on Baghdad street in the Amaia residence. The clinic is clean and the doctors respect patient confidentiality, there are English speaking and bilingual doctors available. If you would like more information visit their website or call 2572-0338 for more information.


  1. I am interested in coming to work in kuwait, I am a chiropractor that practices applied kinniesiology, I practice functional medicine with a lot of success in nutrition, weight loss, diabetes, as well as muscular and joint injuries. I have a wife and 8 year old daughter, if you have any thoughts on living in Kuwait I would appreciate any guidance. dr

  2. Looking to perhaps come work in Kuwait. i am a chiropractor that practices applied kinniesiology, functional medicine, and nutrition. I am married with a 8 year old daughter, curious about schools for the kids, and salary expectations to see if it is viable to come to kuwait Thank You,


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