Monday, April 22, 2013

Evil Spirit? Will work for Free!


Exorcist arrested
Kuwait: Policemen were sent to the Surra area, along with Acting Capital Security Director Brig. Hussein Al- Shirazi, to investigate the reason behind a traffic jam in the area and the presence of a large crowd at a house there. After reaching there, the policemen were surprised to find the house owner telling them, “Welcome, I will get the evil spirit out of your chests, and I do treat those who are under a magic spell. Whoever among you feel that there is an evil spirit in him, I will treat him for free.” The police asked the crowd to disperse, but many stayed out to find out the exorcist’s fate.
As police tried to arrest him and started procedural formalities, he pushed the policemen away and shut the door in their face. Policemen then returned with a warrant, entered the house and arrested him.

WTH? Blame it on the alc, alca, alcohol.......

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