Monday, April 29, 2013

Please vote for Operation Hope !!!!!!!

The founder of Operation Hope, Sheryl Mairza has informed me that OH has been shortlisted in the "Spread Some Inspiration" contest from Philly Arabia!

Quote from Sheryl:

"Dear Friends ~ please take a moment from your day to place your vote for Operation HOPE Kuwait. We have been shortlisted from the numerous submissions for this year's "Spread Some Inspiration" campaign sponsored by Philly Arabia. Kindly click on the link just below and click on the word "vote" located on our photograph. The public will now determine which order the shortlisted three will be awarded prizes: First, second, or third... Will you cast your vote today? Also, kindly share this with friends, colleagues and family, so that they, too, may support our standing with this campaign. Your support is most appreciated...! Blessings, Sheryll and the OH team! "

OH must gather all votes by May 8th, please share and put Kuwait on the map!

 Vote by clicking here! It's the middle box with the blonde lady surrounded by kids.

If you would like to know more about Operation Hope please visit our Facebook Page and thank you for your votes!

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