Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bayan Dental Clinic in Egaila- Beware!

It was time recently for the family to have our 6 month check-up, recently I had started going to Bayan dental in Egaila mall. I love International Clinic but getting appointments would take 2 weeks or more and it was in Salmiya. I had no problems with Bayan until our last appointment last week. My daughter, who had no pain at all was seen by Dr. Haneen who is also the manager of the location. Although my daughter had no pain  Dr. Haneen suggested my daughter have two root canals which seemed like a big deal considering my daughter had no pain. The dentist proceeded to fix some work that was done in the same clinic during the last check-up and charge me again for the same work.

I started to question the work considering there were no problems during the last check-up only to find out Dr. Haneen was working on the same problem fixed before. After I paid 45KD for the procedure she told me would not charge me for the next appointment to make up for the overpay. I was still shocked at my daughter having to have two root canals considering her age but I made the appointment and showed up the following week.

The appointment was with Dr. Yasser because Dr. Haneen couldn't do root canals. I thought the procedure was going to cost 105KD minus the 25KD I was owed only to find out "his" charge was over 200KD for each tooth. He started to raise his voice and became extremely rude because I was questioning the high price, eventually I told him he was rude and left the clinic. I made an appointment with International Clinic (thank you so much!) for a second opinion.

During the IC visit my old doctor told me he would never suggest a root canal on a younger child, he tried to save her tooth but unfortunately Dr. Haneen had dug down to the root and a root canal cannot be avoided. He told me he personally tries to avoid root canals on children and would try to save the tooth instead of insisting on it. I was also told that when she turns 16 she will have to have a cap. It really upsets me that doctors will do procedures for money instead of health reasons.

My daughter had no pain and ended up having two root canals because of greed. The same root canal that would have cost me over 200KD will cost around 150KD at IC. The cleaning at IC is 45KD and Bayan charges 60KD or more. From now on I will stick to IC clinic with a dentist who actually cares about the patient not trying to make money. Bayan still owes me 25KD I wonder if I will see that again.

I just read in Kuwait Times that the government plans to regulate Private clinic charges.(link)


  1. I am sure you misunderstood the condition of your daughter's teeth. Two of the best dental consultants in Kuwait performed the best possible treatment for your daughter under strict rules of patient protection and care.
    I am sure there is a very good explanation, supported by x-ray images of the teeth involved, for the treatment your daughter received.

  2. The clinic still owes me my money for the double charge and after the rudness of the dentist I won't go back again. I will go to my old dentist in IC clinic......never had any problems besides the distance and they are cheaper.

  3. I reviewed your daughter's file that showed that her tooth had recurrent caries under it's large filling that required removal of the filling and cleaning underneath it. Proper deep caries removal would expose the vital pulp, that is why root canal treatment (RCT) was required followed by re-filling and capping that tooth to protect it against fracture during chewing.

    If that treatment was not carried out, caries and bacteria would have reached the pulp of the tooth. This would have caused fever, sudden severe throbbing pain and swelling of the face on the tooth side. This, which usually happens at night, would lead you to take your child to the emergency room for an antibiotic and sedative injection, and later extraction of that tooth.

    I hope this explains the treatment your daughter received in the clinic and the troubles both of you have been saved from going through.

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