Friday, July 19, 2013

AWARE Center- Ghabga & Girgi3an Night


AWARE’s Ghabga & Girgi’an Night- July 22 @ 9pm

Ghabga is a social gathering between Iftar (breaking fast) and Suhoor (dawn meal). We invite you to our Ghabga and Gigia’an Night to discuss &share some tips about Girgia’an, and Ghabga. We will also share some Eid Tips and discuss the customs and Traditions of Eid. Kindly register at

Here's a girgi3an video which was filmed at Youm Al Bahar- The sailor's day heritage Village I've been posting about.

 As in the past, on the thirteen, fourteenth and fifteenth nights of Ramadan, children wander through the neighborhood in groups dressed in traditional outfits. They keep singing and praying to Allah to protect the children of the houses they visit. The mothers give them candies and nuts in celebration. It's kind of like halloween in the states minus the pumpkins.

Kuwait Times post about girgi3an.

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