Monday, July 8, 2013

Youm Al Bahar- The sailor's day heritage Village Part 1

I finally took the time to stop by this heritage village area by the sea. It was sooo hot that day so I took a few pictures of the buildings and went back the following weekend to check out the shops inside. It's such a neat place to visit and I will bring my family once it cools down. 

Old school rides for kids

The Ministry could really make this place great with a little publicity and some groundskeeper to clean up the exterior. I would suggest having some Kuwaiti folk song groups perform there on weekends to bring in people. There will be more posts with pictures of the shops coming up.....


  1. Where is this, please?

  2. This is on the Gulf Road going toward the Church area in front of the new government building (seen in the first pic). I don't know what the Ramadan timings are and it's better to go in the evening, I think more of the little shops might be open.

  3. Could you tell me where this is exactly? what town? thank you.


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