Monday, July 29, 2013

Charges dropped in viral video Beating

Dubai's Attorney General said on Sunday that the cases against a government official accused of assaulting a van driver have been dropped. They had arrested the Emirati guy and the poor guy who recorded the video because he posted the video online with "intent to cause damage." (link)

People are probably scared to record crimes now if they might end up in jail, another blow to justice for victims. Is a person supposed to yell "hey I'm recording your crime" to make sure they aren't arrested?

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  1. I witnessed the same thing in Kuwait.Our company driver was rushing one early Friday morning to work because we have to pass by another housing accommodation to fetch some nurses so he succesfully evaded attempts of an old man trying to overtake. The old man followed us until the accomodation and while we waited for the nurses to board he was obviously saying derogatory words while punching the driver.Our poor Indian driver opened his door while trying to explain to no avail.Ladies inside the bus started to panic and this seem to calm the old man and finally let us go while maybe cursing in arabic.I'm sure that if police were summoned-woe unto the driver.


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