Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Youm Al Bahar- The sailor's day heritage Village- Hand made Dhows and other Shops

It's always nice to see handicrafts being made in front of your eyes. This shops has hand made dhows with the Kuwaiti guy making them as you watch. I hope everyone takes a visit to the village and support the few remaining artisans. It would be great if there were programs teaching classes on how to make these items. The art will be lost if the new generations are not taught customs and life in the old days. Sadu house has a class for weaving Sadu rugs that might be something I will check on in the future.

 This shop has all kinds of things from the early days of Kuwait unfortunately it was closed at that time which means I will have to visit again when it gets cooler.
The old Kuwaiti type coffee shop.
I really don't know what shops are open daily, they close up for prayer times and the museum that's there is closed and opens when the owner feels like it.

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