Friday, July 19, 2013

Saudi Arabia bans Ethiopian domestic Help

Saudi authorities banned on Wednesday Ethiopian workers from entering the country following reports of crimes against children allegedly committed by housemaids from the African nation.

The labour ministry and the interior ministry have agreed to "temporarily" stop the importation of workers from Ethiopia, SPA state news agency said.

It said the ban will remain in place until the completion of investigation into "recent incidents", in reference to alleged crimes reported in local media.

Several media outlets have reported instances of children being killed allegedly by Ethiopian domestic workers, including two cases in the capital.

The kingdom introduced this week new rules setting the rights for domestic workers, including getting a weekly day off and being paid on time. (link)

It's about time as there have been several children murdered as recently as last week and an attempted murder happened yesterday.


  1. , because they treat the women ike robots or garbage.

    I have an Ethiopian nanny, all my Omani inlaws have Ethiopian housemaids. And they are the sweetest, gentlest, least avaricious people I have ever known.

    Saudis and how they treat people on the otherhand who are not from a class they respect......

  2. The fact that a large number of
    Domestic Helper Hong Kong are migrant women belonging to lower caste or ethnic minority communities makes matters worse.


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