Monday, January 6, 2014


On Instagram I saw the new opening of Bubbleology, a shop selling "bubble tea" which I've had in California and liked it a lot. The store is located in Sanabil complex beside Amiri hospital. I couldn't remember which tea I used to drink in California so I got the strawberry tea with blueberry tapioca pearls and my mom got the peach flavor. It cost 2.250 KD for the large and 2.500 KD for the milk teas, if you want to add flavors it's an extra charge.

It was really like a science project, she added syrup, ice, some powder stuff and tapioca pearls.

The place in California was a little internet cafe for college students serving these teas, none of the additives and it seemed much more simple. I guess my limited knowledge of "bubble tea" do's and don'ts led me to getting a drink that was just awful. I would advise against getting the "tea" version, maybe the "milk teas" are better but my drink was so bitter and the tapioca pearls reminded me of tadpoles. The two guys ahead of us ordered some strawberry cream drink with whip cream, their facial expressions were so funny, they said it was very sweet.

One day when I feel like blowing 2.500 KD I might, just might try a milk tea.

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  1. the founder is assad khan. and its originating from Uk. i mean the company.


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