Sunday, January 5, 2014

Meat Glue in Kuwait?

My sister was out with friends the other day eating at Red Lobster when her friend told her to take a closer look at her steak which looked a little funny. Her friend told her about meat glue and now eating steak becomes a guess as to whether it's real or not. I would hope that the meat that comes to Kuwait is halal but I guess it can be halal and still made like the video shows. When I was at Applebee's the other day I got a weird piece of steak that was almost impossible to eat, after seeing this video it makes me wonder.


  1. Meat glue is a real thing... I'm a chef, I've seen it being used. Its big in America at the chain restaurants.... TGIF, Texas Roadhouse, etc...
    It's perfectly safe, and it is Halal, problem is, your steak is made up of various bits stuck together.

    I doubt that its hit Kuwait yet, but then, you never know!


  2. TGIF I can understand, I haven't eaten there since I found a cockroach in my pickles but Texas Roadhouse....that makes me sad because that's the only place I like to go for steak.

  3. There is no meat glue being used in Texas Roadhouse, in the US or here.

  4. Yes it has been in Kuwait. The manager of Applebee's told us they found out the supplier of their steaks had been using meat glue so I beg to differ with your opinion.


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