Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Buffalo's Kuwait - No longer a US franchise!!!!!

Since posting about Buffalo's move to Best Western hotel they have put their sign out front but it is completely different than the franchise ones from before. We all remember it looking like the picture below.
New Menu and name
Old Buffalo bags 
It's now called "Buffalo's Ranch" and according to their FB page they are "re branding" and are still a franchisee but there is no "re branding" on the US website. We had dinner here the other night because my nephew loves it and it was a bad experience, the Egyptian manager is very rude.
So here's the story, the Kuwaiti ex-owner (who supposedly owns the Best Western hotel housing the restaurant)  no longer has the Middle East franchise so essentially it's now a Kuwaiti restaurant serving the same food with some minor differences, this has taken place within the last two months and all of the branches in Kuwait will be "re branded." It seems the Al Thuraiya Group has opened the franchise in Qatar and according to the US website the only international location is Doha, Qatar.
So all the Americans ordering wings, Beware!

I noticed a grand opening article in the Gulf Times, a Qatari English paper the other day which sparked my interest.


  1. wait, so ur saying it's not the same?

    i mean the taste, if it is the same, it doesn't matter to me real or not, as long s food served is.

  2. Well, the last time we ate there the boneless wings were different, the coating was not the same. They will have to buy locally the products they used to have shipped from the states. Only time will tell.

  3. Man... I really wanted to try it but I dunno the location and kinda busy... any suggestion for another one that serves best hot wings? and not boneless. the usual ones I ate from is Chilis.

  4. There are like 4 locations for Buffalo's and there is a new joint called lord of the wings in the Village location off exit 208.

  5. lol, i'll ask around about the village, is it next to starbucks beda2?

  6. There is also a lord of the wings in discovery center, Buffalo's in Salmiya and Jabriya, Avenues as well.


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