Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Cakery by Talal's Cakes

While walking around Sanabil complex I saw some really pretty cakes on display, unfortunately the shop was closed for the holidays. I looked up the shop on the internet and according to the website FAME Co Kuwait the cake shop is owned by Talal Al-Otaibi, the first Kuwaiti professional cake designer who studied cake decoration in the US.

I'm very impressed to say the least, I never knew there was a Kuwaiti cake decorator who happens to be a man. If anyone is looking for an awesome cake you can find him on Instagram @talalscakes, his cake pictures are awesome.


  1. Hey, Do u know where i could get a Christmas yule log cake in Kuwait?

  2. Honestly, I've never seen one around here but I can ask my friends.


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