Tuesday, January 28, 2014

P2BK (Proud to be Kuwaiti) Event 2014

The P2BK event will start this weekend on January 30, 2014 and last until April which is great for those who missed it last year. This time I can visit more than once and get to see all of the businesses. Remal International Sand and Light Sculpture Festival, which is the largest sand sculpture park in the world will also be open (pic above). The 40 sand sculptures are modeled around the book 1001 Arabian Nights. Here is my post on last years event.

I read there will be a charge of 3 KD to visit the sand sculpture and show? I guess the government is trying to recoup their 1 million KD they paid for it?


  1. 3 kd???
    for what??? just to watch sand shaped in some fairytale??

  2. Gov? its owned by a guy not the gov.. and ofc hes trying to make profit if each booth cost 550 KD a week, some are 750 KD a week, lol

  3. Fine, it's "owned" by a guy, good for him but why on earth would anyone spend 1 million KD for sand? 550-750 KD is a total rip off. So much for Kuwaiti togetherness, he's only trying to make money off his fellow citizens. Typical behavior, there's nothing "proud" about it.

  4. Honestly, go and see the beautiful sculptures before whining about 3 KD.
    If you prefer to go to a shopping mall instead, I feel pity for you and lucky to not have to see you around at the festival site.
    btw it's not only sand sculptures but various performances by international artists from France, UK, Slovakia, Netherlands, Germany, Egypt, ...
    As one of the performers myself I'm happy for every dumb person not coming.

  5. 3 KD charge was a warning for people who went there last year and saw the sculptures for free, honestly low-level low-paid performers dressed like chickens playing instruments is not on the top of my entertainment list. I would prefer they have more traditional Kuwaiti performers considering it is a Kuwaiti heritage type event.

  6. What kind of traditional performances exist in Kuwait? I'm really interested but I can't find anything.

  7. I know there a lot going on but unfortunately they don't think of including non-Arab expats in the advertising. I did find a website http://www.media.gov.kw/festivals/index.aspx that is in Arabic but you can translate the page on Google, although it doesn't make sense you can kind of figure out the venue. The Avenues and 360 mall are having some events and Souk Mubarakiya as well. Unlike Qatar or Dubai, Kuwait doesn't focus on heritage type events for their celebrations, the closest would be P2BK in Mishraf but even there they fight with each other lol

  8. Thank you for the information. Still hard to understand though but at least an idea of what there is.


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