Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Kuwaiti divorces her husband because of weight loss - Really?

Kuwaiti woman rejects ‘slimmer’ spouse - ‘Not good in bed’
KUWAIT CITY, Dec 31: In an unprecedented case at the Personal Status Court, a Kuwaiti woman in her 20s filed for divorce against her husband who carried out liposuction surgery and lost 110 kgs without her knowledge. The court has set Jan 30, 2014 for the hearing of the case. The plaintiff counsel Lawyer Yousef Hussein said his client is a young woman who is full of life and she desires to marry a man with certain characteristics especially behavior and physical stature.

She was proud of her husband’s characteristics until he carried out the liposuction surgery. He said the husband lost all the physical features that made him look appealing to her before their marriage. He explained that the husband was above 180 kgs but his weight reduced to 70 kgs after the surgery, which affected his sexual performance.

Lawyer Yousef Hussein said the husband who is one year older than his client did not inform her about his intention to carry out the surgery. He had sexual intercourse with her only once throughout their marital life, which was not satisfactory, and she believes such a situation will deny her the opportunity to become a

So, in conclusion, she likes fat guys and he could possibly be gay? Does this excuse trump the other story of the Kuwaiti wife divorcing her husband because he ate peas with bread (link) ? Sometimes I think they purposely get divorced so they can get benefits and not deal with a man they don't like even though women are supposed to use the engagement period to get to know the man before they marry.

I wonder how much money the guy and his family spent on the wedding?  Some try to blame foreign women for marrying Kuwaitis which leads to spinsterhood for Kuwaiti females, after reading these stories everyone will know what the real reasons are.


  1. What kind of man has such a serious surgery without informing his significant other? How long have they been married to only have been together once? The woman herself mentions her desire to become a mother..I think his decision to have this surgery without informing her is a symptom of plenty of problems they were experiencing beforehand. I think it would trump the other story about eating peas with bread. The whole institution of marriage in the middle east is becoming more eroded every day. I hope people don't read these ridiculous stories about peas and toothpaste and think its a valid reason. I'm also tired of hearing stories blaming foreign women.

  2. I agree - I think part of the problem is the media portrayal of Marriage & women - too many men expect a glamorous woman who can cook, clean, pop out a few kids (while still looking glam) & still spoil him like his mother did - while women are sold the whole romance, white wedding fairytale. Meanwhile too many young people are being nudged towards marriage while getting very little marriage guidance & often little socialising with the other gender (depending on the family) so they find it hard to relate to each other & prefer the company of friends instead!


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