Monday, May 19, 2014

7 of the weirdest sculpture parks in the World - Kuwait makes the List

3. A Desert Marvel
What can you do with 35,000 tons of sand, 70 sculptors and five soccer fields of space? Create the world’s largest sand sculpture, of course.  Opened from January to April 2014, the sands of time recently erased this marvel in Kuwait (all sand sculptures are temporary).  Yet, the park was a spectacle to behold.  Created by the Sand Sculpture Company and commissioned by the Proud to Be Kuwaiti organization, this sculpture pictured took nine weeks to build and featured a 10,000-ton central palace that was more than five stories high and which ranks as the tallest sand sculpture ever built. Look for more sand sculptures around the world this year at the Fulong Sand Sculpting Art Festival in Taiwan through June, the Fiesa International Sand Sculpture Festival in Portugal May through October, and Storyland at Frankston Waterfront in Australia in December.(link)

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