Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Transgender Kuwaiti Problems

Abdullah - Also known as 'Coco Moreno'

"Once or twice every year, Coco Moreno braces herself for a full 24 hours of travel over the Atlantic Ocean, a layover at Heathrow Airport, and sometimes Schiphol, Amsterdam, then onto the Arabian Gulf, where she touches down in her hometown of Kuwait. On rare occasions when Coco returns home, she faces the grueling process of putting on what she calls her mask of 'maleness'. She dreads when she leaves her bras, lacy underwear and makeup in her apartment in Iowa city, where she is a junior at the University of Iowa, to live up to her parents'-and her society's standards of masculinity."link
So, is she going to seek 'asylum' in the USA or come back and try the gender changing process like 'Amal' did (the Kuwaiti guy who fought the court to change his gender to female)? I guess the bloodline ends with him since he's the only son. On a positive note, at least society can't blame the lack of eligible Kuwaiti men on those foreign women devils.


  1. I LOVE the last line of your post! (Giggles)

    My Kuwaiti friend's brother went through gender re-assignment in the States and now it is impossible for her to come back to Kuwait. It is sad that they don't feel like they can return home; and more people are choosing to have the change outside of Kuwait. While here, committees are being formed and discussions are taking place about how to "rehabilitate" homosexuals! Live and let live.

  2. My husband and I have a very dear Kuwaiti friend who is homosexual (not transgender though). However, he's also rather well known in Kuwait and does a lot of public appearances, television shows, commercials, print ads, etc. Therefore, he feels it's imperative that he just play the masculine role and try to hold off on marriage for as long as possible. Fortunately he does travel often, to places he can be himself. But it saddens me to see people unable to live their life because of the judgement of others and a culture encompassed by the glass house in which they shouldn't throw stones.

  3. A friend who was a gay South African guy had a Kuwaiti bf who visited one last time before he got married, how sad is that and what about that poor girl he married? People wonder why the divorce rate is high in Kuwait, there are several factors that lead to them, some secret.


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