Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cat fight in Avenues

It looks like a whole bunch of fake hair is being pulled!

Two transvestites, girl fight over relationship inside mall
KUWAIT CITY, May 3: A public brawl among three young girls inside a mall enraged many people of Kuwait especially after realizing that two of them were transvestites. According to sources, the girl was in a relationship with one of the transvestites, which caused the other to feel ‘betrayed’.

Securitymen managed to intervene and settle the quarrel without registering a case. A short 20-second video of the quarrel has been circulating on social networking websites.

The viewers of the video expressed their annoyance over the incident, blaming the family of the teenagers for not raising their children properly. They also blamed the concerned officials for not conducting sufficient awareness programs in schools and other such places to guide the children of Kuwait. 

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