Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Huge old Kuwaiti house - Kuwait City

I'm in love with this old Kuwaiti house, it competes with the old Al Shaya I wrote about before. This one is way bigger than that one and possibly newer as well from the construction of it. This house is massive and must have been one gorgeous place back then. With columns and balconies over the doors it is really beautiful.

This is definitely another one NCCAL should try to restore and make it into some kind of historical landmark as it is on a huge piece of land and would be a great place for history buffs like me.


  1. U must visit such places @ night & take snap shots.

  2. I was nervous being there in the day I would be scared at night, the places are creepy and who knows what lurks in the dark. My Canon camera got lost/stolen at Mubarakiya so I'm left with only my Samsung 2 for pics right now.

  3. If you ever have a chance to go to Puerto Rico, you will find that many of the old buildings there will remind you of the old buildings in Kuwait. Especially the once in places like Old San Juan or Ponce. The only difference is the pretty much the colors.

  4. Really? That would be a great place to visit, plus the guys are nice to look at as well......I would think the colors would be more vibrant in PR.


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