Thursday, November 24, 2011

Boycott France!

‘Training in French hospitals’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 23: The Cultural Bureau at the Kuwaiti Embassy in France has recommended that Kuwaiti female doctors, who wear ‘hijab’ (veil), should not be sent for training in French hospitals due to a French law that prohibits public sector employees from wearing religious symbols like the hijab in their work places, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily quoting a letter sent by the bureau to the Scholarship and Workforce Registry Sector at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) in Kuwait.

It has been reported that Kuwait had previously signed an agreement with France to give a number of Kuwaiti doctors a chance to train in French hospitals. However, the bureau’s letter stated that “all female doctors, who want to train in these hospitals, must be aware of the difficulties they might face due to a law banning government sector workers in France from wearing religious symbols while on duty. Kuwaiti physicians, who train in French hospitals, are considered public sector workers; hence, they need to abide by the law. It is then better if Kuwait does not send female Kuwaiti doctors wearing hijab.”

Sources clarified this law is not related to a recently-approved bill that bans face veils.

Seems like Kuwait should ban French people from coming to Kuwait and advise Kuwaiti citizens to avoid France due to racism!


  1. That is the law in France & every visitor, resident, & citizen must respect the laws of the land. Do you think it is fair for Westerners who come to Kuwait during the month of Ramadan to not be allowed to eat in public b/c a religious law is imposed on non-muslims? If us Westerners have to respect Ramadan Laws (as well as a few other ridiculous laws here in Kuwait), then so do Muslims in France. It's not racism whatsoever because a hijab wearer is not 1 race.

  2. Well if you are working/living/visiting a MUSLIM country then of course you will have to follow the rules. On the American camps everyone is eating but outside they don't because it's the law and againit's a MUSLIM country. Most people who don't like it leave Kuwait for vacation, simple. France is a free country similar to the US and UK yet they are the only one banning it.

    What's the difference between a woman covering her hair and one who does not cover? I agree the burka (face covering) is a little extreme so that would be something to consider banning but covering one's hair? Does it make her less of a threat because you see her hair? Give me a break!

    I still say Kuwait should ban French people and ban travel to France for citizens. I'm sure France would miss the money they spend there.


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