Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ex-MP loses cash, respect

It just keeps getting better....

Ex-MP loses cash, respect:

Million gone in casino

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 31: A former Kuwaiti MP, whose identity has not been disclosed, was reportedly shell-shocked after losing nearly one million dollars in gambling in the ‘casino’ of a well-known hotel in an unidentified Arab country, reports Al-Shahed daily.
The daily added the man was drunk and was seen gambling for several hours. After the Kuwaiti Embassy in the said country was informed that one of its nationals was ‘ill’, personnel were sent to the hotel.

However, they were shocked when they discovered the man was a former MP, he was drunk and had lost a ‘lot of money’ gambling. The officials tried to calm the man down and offered to take him to a hospital but the man refused to leave unless he regained all the money.

When the officials tried to persuade him that what he said did not make sense and that it was not possible to get his money back, the former parliamentarian claimed he was cheated by the gambling ‘den’ officials. The sources added the behavior of the former MP did not suit a person who has represented his people in the country’s Parliament. Moreover, the daily added it was proven beyond doubt the man had lost his money in a fair manner.

When the embassy officials failed to resolve the issue amicably and moreover, because the former MP stood his ground, the officials requested both parties to go to police.

Was it really 'his' money or the country's money? That money could have helped a lot of unfortunate people. Another embarassing moment for Kuwait.

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  1. Drunk Kuwait man? Casino rules is NO PLAYING if man is drunk !!! All over the world. This mean CAsino is cheating and this is criminal.
    Drunk man must be kicked out of casino immidietly no matter who and position of him.
    Especially if this guy is MP or some goverment stuff...give money back or burn this Casino criminals. Gambling is forrbiden by religion or?


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