Thursday, November 10, 2011

Iranian teen loses his life in major Salmiya mall gangfight

Iranian teen loses his life in major Salmiya mall gangfight:

Bloody brawls reported among youths at many places


"A 19-year-old Iranian died of chest wounds and two other youths, including an Egyptian expatriate were severely injured in a bloody fight among some 80 individuals at a famous shopping complex in Salmiya area.

The youths are said to have used batons, knives and other sharp objects to attack each other and the injured people were left behind, bleeding profusely, while other members of the feuding party managed to escape at the sight of police. Even so, about 20 of them were taken into custody when paramedics referred the three injured people to the Mubarak Hospital for medical care. Later on, the Iranian died of internal bleeding. A case has since been registered for investigation.

Meanwhile, another group of youths engaged in a quarrel at the same commercial complex over a girl, resulting in severe injuries to a citizen of Kazakhstan and a Jordanian. The injured people were taken to the Mubarak Hospital by paramedics arriving at the scene with security operatives. A case was registered.

In yet another incident, two Kuwaiti juveniles suffered injuries in different places of their bodies, as they fought with six other juveniles at a public garden in Rumaithiya. Paramedics sent the injured citizens to the Mubarak Hospital, while securitymen referred the other juveniles to Juvenile Prosecution for investigation."

What in the world is going on in Kuwait? I've read around 10 or more articles about teenagers fighting and beating the hell out of one another. I think it has to do with bordem. There isn't much to do in Kuwait especially when you're a teenager. There has to be more programs formed for all kids not just Kuwaitis. I know there are a lot of sports clubs for citizens but not expat kids and if there are programs they are really expensive.

It's scary to let your kids go out these days considering majority of the headlines are violence against teens or kidnap and rape. Kuwait is a Muslim country yet so much crime surrounds the people. Enforce the laws like KSA and UAE does maybe that will make a difference.


  1. The whole world is bored, that is no excuse for this behavior, these people are the trash of the earth, they go to the malls armed with swords knives, etc. They end up getting away with their fights when their MPs get them off the hook. Maids raise them and what little their parents actually teach them is to go out and fight to show they are men, then run away ( I guess another manly trait) then when they are caught, MPs,parents etc act like they are helpless toddlers just out for fun. Amazing what's going on out there. Gail

  2. why there is more respect shown to expats in UAE and now also in Saudia they are going to implement a law for showing respect to expats....that will only give respect back to Kuwait itself if kuwaitis do the same.....and i agree with statment that some places are only meant for kuwaitis as they are expensive and some expat families cant afford them so their kids only goes to malls..nothing more to do..

  3. This kind of stuff is happening all over the world. Although i have to agree kuwait used to be a better place to live and the people were kinder but they seem to have become greedy, selfish,very competetive,and will do anything to get noticed... I actually feel really sad for the younger generation because they are seeing this kind of behavior and are thinking it is normal. They will grow up without any value for life and as they get everything so easy. Their parents are usually busy and they are brought up by their nannies who have to run to their every need.We all know the one thing that a child needs more than anything is their parents love but sadly they are not getting it in the right way and as a result of that kids become angry, behave badly and do things to get their attention.


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