Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Kuwait to curb ‘Work permits’

Less talking, more action

Kuwait to curb ‘Work permits’:


"The Cabinet has reportedly instructed the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to restrict the granting of work permits to expatriates in the public and private sectors, reports Al-Jarida daily.

Ministerial sources say the Cabinet wants work permits for expatriates to be issued only in vital sectors. It has instructed ministries to limit activities that require a large number of expatriate laborers and instead engage in activities that could be carried out by citizens. It has also asked ministries to reduce the existing expatriate manpower in their respective organizations by replacing them with Kuwaitis. The government wants to maintain the demographic balance and at the same time, reduce the crime rate that has spiked due to an increase in marginal laborers, added sources."

After trying to search for a park to go to and having to turn around and go home because of the overcrowding it's about time for some action. Yesterday every park was full of FN and expats. It's unfortunate that there were hardly any Kuwaiti families at the parks. It's also bad to see FN bachelors hanging around everywhere with nothing to do. The beach was full of them and of course no one wants to bring families around bachelor guys because they just stare at females.

No wonder why Kuwaiti citizens leave for the holidays, there's no way to enjoy Kuwait with so many people.

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