Sunday, June 17, 2012

Construction in Kuwait

When you watch the construction of buildings in Kuwait you wonder how they continue standing. This project seems to be taking forever with it's 3 man crew. As you can see safety doesn't exist in Kuwait, no hats, safety shoes or equipment, just guys wearing slippers and praying they make it through the day.

A lot of money but still a third world country.


  1. larger, well known and established construction comapnies are not like this (especially on govt construction projects - drive by where they're building the new jaber hospital for instance)

    this appears to be a meesly apartment block and so a smaller probably fly by night construction company

  2. You're so right. I walked into a new high-rise near AUK (Salem Al Mubarak St), and suggested to the Project Manager he should use handrails where there are exposed drops. He laughed at me, asked me who I was, and who was my sponsor. 2 months later a worker fell and died.
    Next to my workmate in Shaab Bangladeshi workers were demolishing an apartment by removing ground floor columns!! My workmate (also a structural engineer) told the manager this was not safe. A few weeks later it collapsed, 4 workers were missing, but the demolition company said they probably ran away, so there was no investigation. Huh!!
    The same thing happened to another Shaab apartment the following month.


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