Friday, June 22, 2012

Saudi says no to Emo

Saudi Gazette - Disturbing trend appearing among teens in Kingdom:

Teenagers in the Kingdom are also not immune to adolescent woes due to advances in modern technologies, excessive access to the World Wide Web from smart phones, children have doors opened to the entire world.

School counselors from several cities throughout the Kingdom have recognized and reported to the Ministry of Education the appearance of a new trend among Saudi and expat students, and that is the emo culture adopted primarily from teenagers living in the west.

Keeping up-to-date with fashion is not a crime but over indulging in them becomes a serious problem in addition to overriding behaviors teenagers show off when imitating the culture from the West.

Usually these kids are overly emotional, sensitive, shy, withdrawn, prone to depression, and move towards the rebellious non-conforming side.

Students tend to avoid extracurricular activities and social events at school and distance themselves from parents and siblings. They also have a deep passion for rock music and lyrics that are sad and evoke feelings of despair and self-pity; although many are talented among them.

School counselors believe that parents should start paying more attention to such disturbing and distressing behavior because if gets out of hand, teenagers may inflict upon themselves self-harm, and fall into suicidal thoughts. Defenders of emo culture say that such behavior is very rare, however counsellors suggest that it is better to avoid the pitfall since it contradicts with traditional, cultural and Islamic beliefs.

I wonder if there are emo teens wearing traditional clothing?

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