Sunday, June 3, 2012

TIES- Pictures of their event

TIES (link) is a non political NGO that serves Westerners in Kuwait with language classes, social events, tours, Islamic information, cooking classes and a lot more. My family and I went to one of their gatherings a couple weeks ago. It was a small house with people of different nationalities selling their items. There were two Hispanic ladies selling Mexican food that was really really good. They cater to people as well if anyone is interested.

One lady sold her items for a more reasonable price. The pozole pictured was to die for and it was made with chicken instead of pork. I've waited so long to eat Mexican food without pork. She was charging 3.500 KD for a bowl, I paid 1 KD because there was barely any left otherwise I wouldn't have paid over $10 for the bowl no matter how much I wanted it.She also had tamales but they were expensive which is too bad because I would have loved to buy a couple dozen. I would love to make friends with these ladies! If anyone is interested in homemade Mexican food let me know. I have their contact numbers for orders.

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