Tuesday, June 26, 2012

NBK - signature Nazis

Am I the only person who thinks NBK is way to anal about people's signatures? In the past I've gone to NBK to make some transactions and when it comes time to sign the paperwork they always over do the comparison. They will compare the two signatures in great detail and majority of the time I have to sign again and again. One time I had to sign my name 4 times until she decided to have me make a new signature for their file. Last week I went to pick up my card at the Arifjan branch and once again the guy took 5 minutes looking back and forth at the two signatures. After signing twice he had the manager look over it. Finally I was allowed to pick up my card after 30 minutes of waiting.

Yesterday I took my daughter the the Fintas branch to pick up her card and of course the lady asked her to sign again. I can understand it if a signature was way off and they were concerned but I applied for my card in front of the same guy who asked me to sign twice. I admit my signature changes depending on my mood and it gets real bad at NBK after they harass me. Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. I experience this endlessly! And not just with NBK but another bank I've had an account with as well. Maybe Arabic signatures are more precise and identical time after time and we're confusing them with our English randomness? I can't figure it out either but it sure is frustrating!

  2. yes, its frustrating... Has happened to me several times...


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