Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last of the Old Kuwaiti Houses

These are a couple of old Kuwaiti houses in Salmiya, they are accross from each other. One has a metal fence around it as if it will be torn down, I doubt there will be any saving of that property because it's located on prime property in the heart of Salmiya, couldn't they refurnish the old house and build around it? Set it up as a museum or offices or something? Just save it!!!!

 This property is also in Salmiya and is up for sale. There are several old houses on the property, unfortunately there are signs posted advertising it for sale which means these houses and their memories will be torn down. Such a shame!

This is what happens when a country "develops" and wants to forget about it's past.

How does Kuwait compare to other GCC in regards to preserving their past, click on the following links to find out how other GCC countries are preserving their past:

UAE has many heritage sites (link)

Qatar also has many heritage sites: (link)

Oman has turned old houses into hotels: (link)

Bahrain: (link)

Kuwait does have a few restored houses and a National museum that has not been cleaned and updated in many years but nothing that really invites tourists to learn more about Kuwait. There is some heritage thing being built on Gulf street but it has been under construction for how many years??

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