Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gazelle Club Kuwait, a distant Memory

The Gazelle Club of Kuwait was once a happening place, with National Geographic publishing a piece about it. I'm lucky enough to have a copy of that magazine which is in pristine condition. I recently visited the remains of the club as I'm trying to document what's left of Kuwait's past. A few years ago it was in better condition than it is now. Today it is all but forgotten along with what I think are military barraks from the old days across from the club. Inside the gate stands one lone building, everything else is gone and only sand remains.

The article from National Geographic 1969.
 The club a few years ago
 The remains of today

"Post Office"
 Old military barraks?

What was once a happening place to visit is now an eery ghost town. The buildings could have been turned into some apartments instead of turning into ruins.


  1. I loved the gazelle club.such great memories of my childhood in kuwait.It is sad that the club was not saved as a landmark or some other venue.even though i was born in iran, i spent most of my childhood in kuwait. I attended the new english school. kuwait will always be my home. homa ghazi signing off.

  2. I lived in one of those chalets with my husband and son for about 3 months in 1979. I will always have such happy memories of the place. I cannot believe that it is all in ruins now.

  3. I lived here when I was 4 with my mom, dad & sister back in 1971 while my dad worked in the oil fields. I returned in 1991 on some R&R time the Gulf War. The decor was the same 20 years later based upon photos taken. My sister learned to waterski there and I recall fishing off the pier and riding in the boat while she skied.

  4. I was born and lived for 17 years in kuwait leaving in 1987, I wad a member from the age of 2 until I was 17. The club was a staple in my life it's where I built long lasting ftiendships up to now, and where I also met my husband! I visited what remains of the club in 2006 after being away from the middle east all this time and I can't describe the sadness and feelings of something lost that was once a thriving, full of life and a place where I dreamt of my future. For me the club represented sonething more than just buildings, but its heat renching to see it now, but its like in the movies when I think about the club its always full of people and life! So I keep it tucked away in my brain as that !

  5. That's a great story, from what I've seen it used to be a happening place. I visited a few days ago and took some pictures of it inside, sadly it is all gone but the pier still survives.

  6. My father was an acountant in this club. i lived in the motel here from 1980 to 1990. I went back to the place after 12 years in 2002.. and was saddened to see the plight.. thank you for creating this page.


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