Monday, June 4, 2012

KSA princess tries to skip US$7.4m hotel bill

KSA princess tries to skip US$7.4m hotel bill - Travel & Hospitality -

A prominent Saudi Arabian princess attempted to leave a luxury hotel in Paris without paying a US$7.4m bill, according to media reports this weekend.

Newswire AFP, citing French daily Le Parisien, reported that Maha Al-Sudairi, former wife of Crown Prince Nayef Bin Abdel Aziz, tried to leave the French capital's Shangri-La hotel in the early hours of Thursday without settling the bill for her and her 60-member entourage.

While French police confirmed the report, when contacted by AFP, the hotel’s director, Alain Borgers, said that there are “no problems” with its clients and “no unpaid bills” at the moment.
Saudi Arabia's ambassador to France was reportedly contacted following the incident, AFP reported, who responded that the princess enjoys diplomatic immunity.

In 2009, luxury Parisian store Key Largo said it was suing Al-Sudairi over an unpaid bill of €70,000. Her lawyer later said she had settled with the store after bailiffs turned up at her hotel.

Wow! What the hell? There are poor Saudi citizens suffering in KSA and this chick spends that much money at a hotel? How many poor people could have been taken care of with that amount? That money belongs to the people of KSA not her personal account. What a waste!

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  1. And whatelse do you expect. they all think that they're above the law. and yes, take that diplomatic bull and throw it out the window. nail one of them and make them pay, the rest will fall in line!


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