Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Al Daman - New place for your car Registration

I happened to check my registration the other day while cleaning out my car and it was expired, I always lose tracks of the dates so time to renew. My hubby went to do the paperwork and of course the procedure has changed, wow shocking (not really). It's a nice looking place in a crappy area in Shuwaikh where you can do everything except transfers of registration.
You pull up, do the paperwork and hand over your keys, a valet guy takes it inside the area and brings it back while you wait. My hubby decided not to let the valet take my car because he saw him in another car sneezing and coughing all over the steering wheel and dashboard. It's up to you but some of them don't smell too good (can't wait for the whiners to complain about that comment) so be prepared.

When you finish they give you your registration in a cute little holder.

Hubby tells me the rumor is the owner is a retired Ministry guy with WASTA who got the contract which is one of a kind, let's see, 10 KD x a crap load of people daily = instant millionaire. The rich get richer while the country sits idle.

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