Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Moroccan tailor in Kuwait City

I attended my brother-in-laws wedding last month so I finally had a reason to buy a Moroccan dress. My hubby found a tailor in the city, his dresses were a little expensive but the other shop was closed and I had only a couple days before the wedding to finish the dress. I decided on the light green dress pictured below with a sweet gold belt to match. He makes a lot of the dresses by hand but also has help from family in Morroco. He was sewing the braided designs onto a dress seen below.

One of his hand made belts...
This piece was over the top, each flower was made individually and sewn onto the fabric, it felt like it weighed 10 pounds.
He's a nice guy to took up tailoring when he was a boy and really loves making items.

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