Thursday, October 17, 2013

Indoor shopping area across from Friday Market

My hubby was in the mood to buy some plant accessories so he took us to some shops across from Friday Market, I've never really explored the shops, I usually go straight to Friday Market, I discovered a shopping area inside the building housing the small shops full of furniture, plants and all kinds of things for the house. I really love the colorful furniture they have but it's a little expensive so I will have to save up first.
There's rugs and a couple of old Kuwaiti shops but they were closed when we went, it seems like Kuwaiti run shops have no set schedule they just open when they feel like it. Oh well, maybe next time we will go after 5 pm, they might be open but no guarantees.

It totally reminded me of the swap meet stores we have back in California, definitely a neat little place to visit!


  1. That's really cute stuff! Is that the shopping center with Lulu's at the end? I want to go see!

  2. I love the tables, my friend had a set of tables but they were her mother-in-laws so it was coincidence I found them there. It's across from Friday Market near to The Avenues, it's a beige building with bluish green windows.

  3. I think they call this the Iranian souk, though not sure why as it's mainly Indian stuff. But such great stuff.


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