Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lamborghini Aventador in Kuwait......Sweet!!!!!!!

I saw this on my home from work yesterday and of course I had to hit my brakes and move into the middle lane to get a closer look and take a picture while trying to steer, it is after all one of my favorite cars. The first one is blurry but I managed to get a little closer.

It has the matte black paint, I wonder what it looks like all lit up at night, I'm in love!!!!! I can't decide which is my favorite, Lamborghini or Phantom. Most females are into fufu Hermes or LV bags but I am into sweet rides. I had a 69 Impala with glass packs in the states and used to drop them on guys, oh the memories.

My only question is....why is it on the back of a tow truck? Is it being repossessed?

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