Monday, October 28, 2013

"Models" and their crew take over the Park

The kids wanted to go to the park after we had our lunch so we got all of their bikes and balls and headed to the park. Well I would have never guessed we would have run into a "modeling" shoot in the middle of the park? WTH? Is anywhere safe from hoochies? My mom and I were a few steps behind and when I got up to see where the kids were one of the photographers were taking pictures of my nephew and my kids, again WTH?
Everyone knows how pissed people get when their pictures are taken without permission and she had nerve to take pictures without asking parents first? I took off over the area and she didn't say anything just walked off. My nanny told me she told the chick not to take pictures and the chick smarted off something to her in Arabic.
The whole time these two "models" (if that's what you want to call them) were posing and laying all over the park equipment, yuck! There are kids around! They even started yelling at the kids when they were coming to close to their shoot.  Come on, who does a photo shoot on Saturday in a public park when there are children around?
It got worse when the "model" with the grey shirt took it off (she had a small tank top on) while she was standing on the park bridge and put on another shirt. Really? Have they no shame? She kept on pulling and tugging on her shirt until she finally took it off. This country has truly spun out of control! When I first came here you would never see half-naked chicks walking around like nothing, women were more modest, now they show everything, transvestites are out in the open, gays are prominent and it keeps getting worse.

I almost expected her to start licking the equipment like Miley Cyrus.

I guess rickety old park equipment is the new thing in modeling or else they were just cheap and couldn't afford a real studio. It seems as if no where is safe to take your kids in Kuwait.


  1. Isn't it ironic that one of the photographs is almost modest herself!

  2. This post shows what a hypocrite you are. You say comment but don't attack yet that's what you have done. This post is horrendous and should be taken down.

  3. Which park is this ??

  4. Here we go, it's been a while since I've had fool whine and complain about MY blog. If you don't like what I have to say don't read it, simple. I say what I think and obviously it bothers you. It is what it is, annoying chicks take over a park and then yell at kids when they get close to them. BTW your anger makes me happy! :)

  5. yes those phillipinas are so annoying

  6. The location for a shooting like that is not a playing park, yes, but the fact that people start to be more relaxed and just wear whatever they want it is a plus for Kuwait. If they wanna move better. See Dubai.

  7. No where is safe to take your kids in Kuwait ? How about you go back to America and see all the women literally walking around in bikinis and kissing and dry humping each other in public

  8. Dry humping? WTH? Why do I need to go to America when I can see it all here moron. It is an Islamic country yet anythign goes here now unlike 10 years ago when it was a little more conservative.

    1. Trust me, they arrest teenagers for being just slightly too affectionate in public unlike other countries, it's still pretty modest when you compare, and yes I agree many things have changed but being affectionate even with your own husband or wife is still unacceptable

  9. Is this the Qortuba park?


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