Monday, October 14, 2013

Moving Nightmare

I honestly thought I might be offline for a week max, boy was I wrong. I've been living in the same area of Kuwait since I came from Cali in 2004. Unfortunately the area has gone downhill and I didn't want my children going to government school in the area. The area has been over run with ghetto people and single creepy bachelors who gawk and stare constantly. It isn't a place for families anymore so we moved to the city area. I can see a big difference between the two areas, the old area was not given care like the new area which houses fufu Kuwaiti families.

Instead of huge buses carrying workers I'm surrounded by lambos and Bentley cars which is nice but I still haven't got comfortable with the change. I don't know where anything is and get stressed when leaving home. I do however enjoy the cleanliness and trees that line the streets. There's a huge park that is clean and close to the house.

Now comes the hell of moving, I've learned that when you move from one area to another you have to cancel your old phone number which consists of going to the airport and canceling the old line. Next step is finding the ministry in the new area and requesting a new line, paying the fees and waiting for them to do their job which can take days. After a few days you should check the line and see if it's working, if not an electrician has to be called to the residence to make some changes and activate the line which can take a few days.

After the electrician does his job the ministry has to do something to make it work and then if you're lucky it will work. At work they have blocked 90% of sites so I only had access to email, I couldn't watch my tv shows for three weeks! I just want to thank everyone for the emails and supporting me during this movement, it was really difficult.

The movers also messed up my stuff and I really hate moving. My next post will talk about the internet provider hell I went through trying to get back online, stay tuned.

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  1. Zajil is the best ISP in Kuwait, they hardly block any sites especially the ones used for watching TV shows for free..

    The other ISPs are weird.


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